*keys iPhone*

(Maddy! I just got in. You weren’t kidding about panic deadline. “Cept it’s a different deadline. The Suntory shoot is on the shelf for a coupla days. Now Yoshi is talking about Kami and Vogue. What’s up with that??? Did you know about this?)

“Chill babe. Yoshi called me while you were still in the air. Nonko Ramankan, one of Japan’s most illustrious designers has released a new art kimono, “Dessart2”

(But Yoshi is babbling, I mean BABBLING about Kami this and Kami that. What is he talking about?)

“Kami is Japanese for spirit, or ghost. He want’s you to project…um… ghostly spiritual qualities. Think of it as being like an angel. Oh and project with “intensity”, he loves intensity. Did I mention that this one is quadruple rate?”

(Quad rate? I can be intense for that! Though you know I’m no angel. *giggles*)

“yes doll, that little fact is at least semi-widely known by now.”

(But get this, they don’t want to shoot in the studio. Yoshi want’s me on the very tip top of the Midtown Tower!!! I’ll freeze!)

“Oh but sweetie, that makes total sense. That tower is the tallest in Tokyo. Yoshi is making a statement here. And it is also the home of the Suntory Museum of Art, AND the SMA is currently hosting an exhibition of Kimono’s called “Kosode: Haute Couture Kimonos of the Edo Period.” This will be a huge splash for you!.”

(*mutters under breath* It’ll be a splash allright if I fall off the tower.)

*iPhone battery dies*

(Damn it’s cold up here! I could really use a doubleshot latte.)

Details and SLurls in the clouds below.


Hair: Akane Platinum (revised), Eat Rice!

Kimono: Nonko Dessart2  Japan Soul

Glasses: Globe2 PrimOptic

Geta: Formal Geta House of Shaea

Suntory Museum of Art. Kosode: Haute Couture Kimonos of the Edo Period

(Originally published at strangepixels.net, August 19th, 2008)


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