A tale of two potions.

That’s odd, one of the potions is missing.


DOCtor Biziou!


Bring that child over here IMMEDIATELY please.

*taps toe impatiently*

Now child, don’t fret.

Take a drink of this purple potion and those nasty tentacles will disappear!

How do you feel about antennae?

You can trust us, we’re Doctors.

Details in the Medicine Cabinet.

The good doctor is wearing:

Hair ~ “Akane” ~ Eat Rice!

Eyewear ~ “Paula” black ~ Artilleri

Ear Studs ~ “Everyday Gems” ~ Shiny Things

Goggles ~ “HB goggles” ~ Happy Bivouac

Jacket, Skirt, Gloves, Coloured Flasks ~ “The Good Doctor” ~ Schadenfreude

Hose ~ “Long leggings-Pearl” ~ Maiiki

Boots ~ “Ankle Boot-black patent” Bax Coen Designs

Skin ~ “Eros-porcelain” (Custom face by Munchflower Zaius) ~ Nomine

Science Lab props ~Table, bunsen burner, test tube rack, beaker, bottle.

By and courtesy of Jessica Ornitz

(Originally published at strangepixels.net, October 12th, 2008)

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