Hungover in Miami.

~Thanks for bailing me out of MIA arrivals, Wendy hon.

Those airport security guys have NO sense of humor! Now I know how Naomi feels.~

~Lurve your boat! You get the bestest toys. Hee, you didn’t need that husband anyway.

Let’s find a quiet spot. Something to show ya.~

*whispers in Wendy’s ear*

~You are such a biatch, why didn’t you tell me you made VF? Sekrit files!

Up to no good as soon as I turn my back.~

~They were handing these out on the plane.~


~I had totally forgotten about that Vogue shoot. And that’s a KILLER pic of you!~

~*sighs happily*~

~Let’s get us some Margarita buckets.~

Details and SLurls on the beach by the Margarita shack.

On Grady

Hair ~ “Nina” platinum ~  ::69::

Eyewear ~ “Varocana Alfa-T”  ~ Elysion Optic

Earrings ~ “Gold Drop Chain Hoop”-opal ~ Shiny Things

Skin ~ “Eros”-porcelain, custom face makeup by Munchflower ~ Nomine

Swimsuit ~ “Copper X” ~ Little Rebel Designs

Bangles ~ “Winter”-gold ~ Argyle

Shoes ~ “Kickabout Mules”-blue flower ~ Shiny Things

Magazine Covers ~ Grady

On Wendy

Swimsuit ~ “Skullies Bikini Set” ~ Reaction

Shoes ~ “Old School Black and White Vans” ~ Mixers Boutique

Hair ~ “Hiro”-orange ~ Zero Style

Skin ~  “Jadzia Sol” ~ the abyss

Earrings ~ “(PH) silver CND” ~ Phyzz Fizz

Bracelet ~ “Messy” ~ Dawne Drebin of Encore

Boat ~ “Swordfish 40” ~ MaxMarine

(Originally published at, October 2nd, 2008)


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