Jetlagged in Shinjuku


-opens eyes-



-buries head under pillow-

This won’t do. Maybe if I go out and get some air I could sleep.

-Taxi ride to Shinjuku-

Oh my GOD! Momo! WHAT are you doing in Tokyo?

That heart is like a beacon. I spotted you a block away!

I’m having a TOTAL meltdown  Momo.

No sleep, no food (to speak of),freezing my skinny ass off on top of skyscrapers trying to be intense.

It’s too much. I still have two shoots to do and all I want is to buy a little house in the country

and raise guinea pigs.

Or something.

Awwww Momo, don’t look at me like that.

-sigh- You’re right. You always are.

Damn, we sure could use a couple of triple shot lattes.

Details and SLurls under the neon awning.

On Mourna:

skin ~WL China White – Vamp Pale ~ Nomine

eyes ~ (custom) ~ Emortal EyeZ

lashes ~ Club 4 ~ Celestial Studios

hair ~ Bilirubin- color change – black ~ Gritty Kitty

ears ~ Punky Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions

shirt ~ Cambridge Cuffed Shirt – Aufren Black ~ Armidi Gisaci

vest ~ Micro Cuts (Red Checked Vest) ~ MUWU

pants ~ from the Taste of Harajuku – Black set ~ MUWU

gloves/manicure ~ Finga Gloves (Black/Red Plaid) ~ Sn@tch

armbands ~ Symbiote Wrist Cuffs ~ Sinistyle

necklace ~ Choked Heart Choker [RED] ~ Skanks-R-Us

belt ~ Red belt skulls ~ Ducknipple

boots ~ Glossy Black Ribbon Boots ~ Shiny Things

On Grady:

Hair/Hat (integral) ~ Casquette Silver~Tricolore

Plaid shirt ~ Nel Shirt (red) ~ Sey

Gloves ~ Charcoal Velvet ~ Argyle

Jeans ~ Rider Kick ~ GearShift

Glasses ~ Ipcress Thin ~ Gudshu

Tee ~ Cutee:chicks ~ A2NZ

Boots ~ Lady Ladys ~ Tricolore

Images shot on location in Sick

(Originally posted at, August 29th, 2008)

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