She arrived late at night.

The clouds had gathered, and her life had darkened.  There was a storm coming.

It was her sister’s house.

Built in another age, she hoped it would be the refuge her soul needed.

She climbed to the widow’s walk. The gentle moonlight was soothing.

Turning to go back down the stairs, she felt again how weary she was.

In the muted glow of the porch light,

she thought wistfully of what it had meant to be a part of the brilliant chorus of voices.

So much given, so much received. She was content. There were compensations.

Details follow.

Hair ~ “Ratitat” platinum ~ Eat rice!

Glasses ~ “Submariner” ~ Kalnins

Dress and Tattoo ~ “Devana” ~ Silent Sparrow

Gloves and Leggings ~ “Strapless Gloves” and “Long Leggings-red”  Maiiki

Choker ~ “Rosary Ring Choker-silver” ~ Handmaidens

Shoes ~ “Frisky-black leather” ~ Maitreya

Skin ~ “Eros-porcelain” Custom face makeup by Munchflower Zaius ~ Nomine

Location ~ “Bellairs House” by and courtesy of Jessica Ornitz.

Based on Edward Gorey’s interpretation of the Cronin House, inspiration for John Bellairs’ book, “The house with a clock in it’s walls.”

To visit the Bellairs House:

lift off
face east
see 3 islands
fly east and land on the middle one (north side)
look for a megaprim cylinder with 2 houses inside.

Location (sim) courtesy Firesabre Consulting

To see outtakes from this shoot ~ Grady’s Flickr

(Originally published at, October 5th, 2008)

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