Strange Citizen ~ Juana Manuel

La Costumière is a word the French use to describe someone who facilitates the costumes for theatrical productions. I can’t think of a better word to describe Juana, for whom SL is at once stage and dressing room and audience. I have known Juana since her first days in SL, and have been progressively dazzled by her growing assurance in how she presents herself to us. The costume she is wearing here reflects both her Spanish/American heritage and her interest in the rituals and customs of Meso-America. If this seems overly formal, sue me, I can’t help it. She is one cool chica.

Details below the cut.

Juana is wearing ~

Hair~ “Anabel” black ~ deviant kitties

Feather headdress & tailfeathers~ “Black Sequin/Feather Showgirl Set” ~ Jezebel’s

Aztec Crown~ “Lady Dragonness Designs Goddess Crown Collection” ~ W&M Designs

Boots~ “Thetis” dark eden

Loincloth, top, thong, and wristlets~ “Oshun Bands Set” midnight ~ dark eden

Skin~ “Whispers of Night Deathly” F Lost Gloom Stalker ~ RFyre

Earrings and choker:~ “Skull ear Spike with eyes” and “Spiked skull collar” ~ Mad About…

Anklets~ “Ghungroo” from the Mughal Memoirs set ~ Zaara

Tattoos~ “To Live and to Die” full body set ~ Bakersfield Kidd

Location~ Lauk’s Nest

(Originally posted at, September 25th, 2008)


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