Ash Garden Comes Heavy

*Evening Ash..

~Reach you bitch!

snapshot_015-copy*Whoa! You always pull guns in bars?

snapshot_005-copy~I do, if it’s my bar and your skinny ass walks in!

*Friendly visit Ash, I’m looking for a couple of people, your Oyabun for a start.

snapshot_004-copyWell WHAT a coincidence! He’s sure looking for you!

snapshot_010-copy1*Where is he?

~Having dinner at The Seven Seas. I think you’re going to be the dessert.

snapshot_012-copy2~Door’s over there. Let’s go!

Details behind the bar.

Ash is wearing:

Hair, eyes, skin, scarf, bracelet ~ Ash Garden

“Dante” Cybernetic suite (Eye tank, Arm and Jet boots) ~ Ash Garden

Stockings ~ “Fishnets” ~ Blackstar

Top ~ “Necromancer Lady” ~ BareRose

Gun ~ “Mars is Hell Plasma Gun” ~ Makaio Stygian

Grady is wearing:

Hair ~ “Light” ~ Eat Rice!

Eyewear ~ “Catzeye” ~ Kemonomichi @ Nala

Earring ~ (left ear) from the “Hybrid Angel” set by Slade Onizuka (no longer available)

Earring ~ (right ear) “Everyday gems stud earring” ~ Shiny Things

Scarf ~ “Chardonnay neck wrap” ~ DE Designs

Tee ~ “Red Tears” ~ Gear Shift

Jacket ~ from the “Agent Leather coat-black” set ~ Tonktastic

Gloves ~ “Mantoid Gloves-black” ~ Hybrid Productions

Armguards ~ “Mantoid-black” ~ Hybrid Productions

Belt ~ “Haute leather belt-black” ~ Tonktastic

Pants ~ “Isabeau Black Leather” ~ Launa Fauna

Boots ~ “Dune boot-black” ~  Maitreya

Skin ~ “Eros Porcelain” (custom face mod) ~ Nomine

Location ~ Insilico

(Originally posted at, November 17th, 2008)


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