I hate when my car breaks down…at 3 am…

…in Midian City…

…and the gas station is abandoned.

The name’s Grady E…

…and I’m looking for someone.

I hope I can find her before it’s too late.

Details down the street.

Hair ~ “Light” ~ Eat Rice!

Eyewear ~ “Catzeye” ~ Kemonomichi @ Nala

Earrings ~ from the “Hybrid Angel” set by Slade Onizuka (no longer available)

Tee ~ “Angel Bite” ~ Gear Shift

Gloves ~ From “Rubber Frontal Catsuit” set ~ A2NZ

Armwarmers ~ “Feather” ~ Susie

Belt ~ “Black Lizard” ~ Bax Coen Designs

Pants ~ “Isabeau Black Leather” ~ Launa Fauna

Boots ~ “Ankle Boot- Black Suede” ~ Bax Coen Designs

Skin ~ “Eros Porcelain” (custom face mod) ~ Nomine

Images shot on location in Midian City

(Originally published at, November 4th, 2008)


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