Canned for the night.

NPPD Mainframe:  Good evening citizens. Thank you for choosing NPPD for your incarceration.

You will remain in this holding area until a human agent arrives, at which point you will be charged or released.

Estimated time of arrival for an agent is 6 hours. 11 minutes and 46 seconds.


GE: I hate robot cops. Especially NPPD* robot cops. You just can’t reason with them.

GM: Well you don’t suppose the explosion on the 45th floor of Tyrell Corp.

Tower might explain their twitchiness? I’ve never seen so many peeps scooped at one time.


GE: So what happened?

GM: Half an hour before, I saw a grav-cab land on the roof.

I was watching like you asked. Three peeps got out and unloaded a cryo-cap.

Then nothing til the big boom. But check it out, a  few minutes after the windows blew out,

someone was back on the roof.

Couldn’t see much though.

They pulled down another grav-cab and powered out.


GE: Anything else?

GM: Was hard to see, the angle was wrong…

but…whoever it was has a long nose.

GE: Hah! Silly Yakuza. They woke her up.


GE: We better get some sleep. Otherwise it’s going to be a real long night.


GE: Ehhh sunrise over Nexus. Place has changed some.


GM: I swear Grady, next time I hear you’re inbound…

GE: Awwww, Gomi, you say that every time I come to town.


NPPD Mainframe: Good morning citizens!

The human agent has decided there is no further reason to detain you.

Please vacate the holding area immediately!


GE: Translation: our lawyers checked their messages. Let’s get out of here.


Details in the booking room ~

Gomi Mfume is wearing~

Eyes ~ “Marble contacts 2” ~ Nomine

Gloves ~ “Fingerless stiched padded gloves” ~ Clobber

Jacket ~ “Graffiti” ~ ko industries

Pants ~ “the victim pants” ~ Gutterblood Spoonhammer

Shirt ~ “Red Star” ~ Tonktastic

Eyewear ~ “Arctic” ~ PrimOptic

Boots – “Adventure” ~ Gutterblood Spoonhammer

Hair ~ “Predator dreads” ~ ko industries

Skin ~ “Freckled fresh eclipse” ~ Sin Skins

Grady Echegaray is wearing~

Hat ~ “Skater hat” ~ AVZ

Hair ~ “Light” ~ Eat Rice!

Eyewear ~ “Basser” ~ Nala

Headphones ~ “MDJ-V700 II red” ~ FNKY

Tee ~ “Destruction” ~ Gear Shift

Pants ~ “Subzero Cargos-faded black” ~ Gear Shift

Arm Guards ~ from the “Noble Rogue” set ~ Groll Inn and Hideaway

Bracelet ~ “Spiked cuff-shadow dark” ~ Primitive Design

Leg Warmers ~ “Wired” ~ Primitive Design

Gloves ~ “Sentinel” ~ Hybrid Productions

Belt ~ from “Nautilus” set ~ Dark Artistry

Leggings ~ “Knit stockings-black” ~ Runoruno

Boots ~ “Gong-fo Moonboots” (worn as shoes) ~ Hybrid Productions

Skin ~ Eros Porcelain (custom mod) ~ Nomine

Location ~ Nexus Prime

*NPPD ~ Nexus Prime Police Department.

(Originally published at, December 9th, 2008)

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