Crime Queen

M ~ Grady, you have returned.


G ~ Momo, I am so sorr…


M ~ Shhhh, you have gained an honourable scar. Sit with me.

snapshot_0021G ~ Hai!


M ~ It is well. I made my play, and it succeeded.  You distracted them perfectly.

snapshot_019G ~ I did what I could. Not knowing your plan was difficult.

snapshot_013M ~ But necessary.  *smiles*  There is much yet to do. Why don’t you pour the sake?

Details and SLurls follow.

On Mourna

Skin ~ “Disturbia rabid”- china white
Hair ~  “Disturbia Pretty Vermin” -bangless – carbon
Eyes ~ “Disturbia contacts” – shock black
Headdress ~ “Disturbia Feather Headdress 2”
Corset ~ “Disturbia barbed”
Boots ~ “Disturbia feather”
Cuffs ~ “Disturbia feather”

All of the above items from Nomine

Skirt ~ “Long Black Velvet” SkirtSet ~ PixelDolls
Ears ~ “Abyssal Ears”-Fairy/Natural ~ Illusions
Jacket ~ from the “NOIR” Mina Flexi Dress ~ LBD

On Grady

Hair ~ “Ash” white ~  Kin
Eyes ~  “Galaxy” black-no veins ~ FNKY
Eyewear ~ “Future” black sunglasses ~ Mokoptica
Ear Studs ~ from the “Everyday Gems” set ~ Shiny Things
Skin ~ “Eros” porcelain, custom version ~ Nomine
Jacket/Tie/Shirt ~ “Monochrom” ~ Sweetest Goodbye
Watch ~ “Plate Cuff Watch” ~ FNKY
Bracelet ~ “Celtic Bracelet” ~ Inca Temple
Pants ~ “Nicole, trousers black” ~ DeLa
Boots ~ “Bitch Bootie” ~ Stiletto Moody

The Set

Ottomans ~ from the “Loft” set ~ Abiss Interior Design
Centre Table ~ “Central Table” ( x 14) from the “Loft” set ~ Abiss Interior Design
Katana ~ “Cursed Spirit” ~ Ashes
Wall Hangings ~ “Green Tea” long ~ Yamato’s Japanese Workshop
Sushi Set ~ “Ozen Sushi Set” ~ Yamato’s Japanese Workshop
Sake Set ~ “Hot Sake Atsukan Set” ~ Yamato’s Japanese Workshop
Ikebana ~ “Sakura” ~ Ookami Ningen

All other elements by Grady Echegaray

This is the sixth and last episode in my Cyperpunk Crime Series. I am indebted to Mourna Biziou, Gomi Mfume, Ash Garden and Recidivist Sideways for their help and participation.  You guys rock! ❤

(Originally posted at, December 28th, 2008)


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