Dark Garden

Hybrid Angel returned to the place where she was born.


She was older. Wiser.


So much had changed.


The world she inhabited had been transformed.


It would never again be what it was.


Never again would she wander those ruined,

hungry streets beneath the gleaming towers.


But an old friend had returned safely.

~ Details follow ~

This post is dedicated to my friend Slade Onizuka, whose works transformed andilluminated my Second Life and who remains for me a person of astonishment.

Hair ~ “Midori” white ~ Zero Style

Eyewear ~ “Basser” ~ Nala

Skin ~ “Eros-porcelain” custom version ~ Nomine

Armour/Wings ~ “Hybrid Angel set” ~ Slade Onizuka

Location ~ Dark Garden-A work in progress ~ Slade Onizuka

Dark Garden may be visited by going to Nexus Prime in the Gibson sim.

Thank you Winter Jefferson for this.

(Originally published at strangepixls.net, January 27th, 2009)

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