Late for dinner

~Good evening Grady-san!

The Oyabun asks that you forgive him but he is unable to be here to greet you.

Regretfully he had to depart to attend to some….business.

I am Insilico service and maintenance bot Un Freundlich, can I be of service?

(Damn, I knew it was a mistake to freshen up for this meeting first.

Ash must have got a signal off before I froze her with that vampire bot.)

snapshot_a*I see. That is unfortunate. He has information about someone I am looking for.

snapshot_b~Of that I cannot speak.

He took the Nexus Prime sub-orb out of Insilico twenty minutes ago. Is this helpful?

snapshot_c*Perhaps. Was he alone?

~No. Two of his staff accompanied him. Would you like to stay for dinner, Grady-san?

Allow me to seat you.

snapshot_d*When does the next NP sub-orb leave?

~In two hours, forty three minutes and seventeen seconds.

It may interest you to know that the Oyabun also took a cryo-cap with him.


snapshot_e*Please book me a cap on the next sub-orb, Un. In the meantime…

snapshot_f*…how’s the fish?

Details underwater ~

Un Freundlich is wearing:

Hair/Headdress ~ “Dark Garden-white” ~ AVZ Cyberpunk

Mermaid Suit ~ “Aqua” ~ NIXIE

Grady is wearing:

Hair ~ “Light” ~ Eat Rice!

Eyewear ~ “Paris-black” ~ !Yuli

Scarf ~ “Chardonnay neck wrap” ~ DE Designs

Tee ~ “Lust” ~ Gear Shift

Jacket/Pants ~ “Nicole-black” ~ Dela

Respirator ~ “Respirator” ~ Tonktastic

Gloves ~ “Mantoid Gloves-black” ~ Hybrid Productions

Gun ~ “Mars is Hell Plasma Gun” ~ Makaio Stygian

Boots ~ “Dune boot-black” ~ Maitreya

Skin ~ “Eros Porcelain” (custom face mod) ~ Nomine

Location ~ Insilico

(Originally posted at, November 29th, 2008)

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