The Reverend

*whispers* Finally!


~ What happened to your cheek dollface?


*Hello Rev, your little minion and I had a difference of opinion about timely access to your person. Not to worry though. I only broke his arm.


*You know who I’m looking for? Where she is?


~ As it happens, I do. Not sure why I should tell you though.


Because I’ll take you apart like a cheap plastic toy from China?


~ Heh, my kind of reason. She’s been taken to Insilico. Look for the “Seven Seas Restaurant”.

* The floating City?

~ Uh huh. She might be a little……….damp………by the time you find her though.

Details below the *coughs* cut.

The Reverend (Recidivist Sideways) is wearing

Skin ~ “Blackened Bones” (custom tattoos) ~ Nomine

Eyes ~ “Black out contacts” ~ Nomine

Right Earring ~ “Blood Opal” ~ Sn@tch

Left Earring – “Bone Collector” (Freebie by Munchflower Zaius) ~ Nomine

Necklace ~ “Cutthroat” (Separated) (Large) SiniStyle

Hat/hair ~ “Ghoultown Hair Carbon Blueblack” ~ Nomine

Coat ~ “StEaMpUnKt trench”  Nomine

Tank top ~ “Bone Collector Tank 1” ~ Nomine

Armbands ~ Custom

Bracers ~ “Azazel Bracers” ~ SiniStyle

Left hand ~ “RaGe Gloves M (Black)” “Spiked RaGe Wrist” ~ SiniStyle

Right hand ~ “Chain Knuckles: ~ FORM

Gloves ~ “Manhandled” Set, Skull Gloves ~ SiniStyle

Pants ~ “Leather Pants” ~ Refuge

Boots – “Blasphemy Boots” (with Deception Boot platform base) ~ SiniStyle

Grady is wearing

Hair ~ “Light” ~ Eat Rice!

Eyewear ~ “Catzeye” ~ Kemonomichi @ Nala

Earrings ~ from the “Hybrid Angel” set by Slade Onizuka (no longer available)

Tee ~ “Hard n Fast” ~ Gear Shift

Gloves ~ From “Rubber Frontal Catsuit” set ~ A2NZ

Armwarmers ~ “Barb Wire” ~ Susie

Belt ~ “Bullet Belt” ~ Susie

Pants ~ “Death Valley Leather” ~ Sn@tch

Skin ~ “Eros Porcelain” (custom face mod) ~ Nomine

Location ~ Midian City

(Originally published at, November 11th, 2008)


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