What a girl did do…

…in the Wastelands.


Got a thicker skin. (How? Please…. don’t ask.)

snapshot_0091Was adopted by a confused companion drone.

snapshot_006Radared up. (Thanks Scrimmy, you didn’t really need that old microwave oven.)


StolePietro’s sunglasses. (He only struggled a little.)

snapshot_0161Had my hair done at Diamanda’s Swamp Salon & Barbershop.

snapshot_0041Paid my rent to Neo. Headed for home. Life is good.

Details in that ruined shack over there ~

Hair ~ “Sari” white ~ Kin

Eyewear ~ “Scuba Sunglasses” – black ~ Mokoptica

Skin ~ “Eros Porcelain” custom version ~ Nomine

Armour Suit ~ “Geno-R1 Heavy Armour” (Camouflage set/Female) – shown without helmet ~ Groll Inn and Hideout Island

Location ~ The Wastelands


The Wastelands is now two years old! Congratulations to NeoBokrug Elytis and all the Wastelands residents for creating one of the most amazing group of themed sims in Second Life. Celebrations will continue all this weekend. For a list of events, see the Wastelands Forum Calendar. If you have never been to the Wastelands, do eeeeeet! 🙂

(This post is a companion to a much earlier post of mine.)

(Originally posted at strangepixels.net, January 22nd, 2009)

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