Real Horrorshow Prelude

Appy polly loggies my droogies.


I’m in the vaysay getting set for an evening of the old Ultra-Fashion.


Trying to make up my razoodock where to spend a rookerful of Linden cutter.

snapshot_024-copyMy droogs are waiting for me next door in the Korova drinking Moloko Plus Vellocet…

snapshot_027-copy…and as long as we can stay out of the rookers of the Fash Millicents…

snapshot_032-copy…it’s going to be a horrorshow evening!

Details below


Hat~ “Droog Bowler” ~ Designs of Darkness

Hair ~ “Teachable” snow white ~ Mirada

Eyewear ~ “Catzeye” black ~ Nala

Earrings & choker ~ “Princess” black pearl ~ Icing

Skin ~ “Eros” porcelain-custom version ~ Nomine

Shirt & vest ~ fron the “Strigori” set ~ Schadenfreude

Brooch ~ “Yip’s Ladybug” ~ Yip’s Little Store

Belt ~ “Keyed Up” belt 22 ~ Grim Bros.

Skirt & gloves ~ from the “Dark Eros” set ~ Ookami Ningen

Rusty Pipe ~ “Rusty Pipe” ~ Cortech

(Originally published at, March 3rd, 2009)

Sheath Knife ~ “The Knife” dirty female ~ Primitive Design

Stockings ~ “Kneehigh socks” b&w ~Canimal

Boots ~ “Commando Boots” ~ Gutterblood Spoonhammer on Xstreet

Poses ~ Long Awkward Pose

Shot on location in The Kubrick Rooms, by Rumpledink Robbiani


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