How shall I explain the dying that was done?


Shall I say that each one did the math, and wrote the value of their days
against the bloody margin, in an understated hand?


They will want to know, how was the audit done?


And I shall say that it was done, for once,


by those who knew the worth


of what was spent that day.

Details below.

Hair ~ “Swoop Hawk” white ~ DV8

Eyes ~ “Robin” small, vein 1 ~ Tacky Star

Eyewear ~ “No,051 Deen IN” ~ VJ Eyewear

Earrings ~ “Kahto-Goldstone” ~ (luc) Fashion Jewelry

Skin ~ “Noctem Jupiter” (custom version) ~ Nomine

Choker ~ “Rosary Ring” silver ~ Handmaidens

Shoulder Guards ~ from the “Sexadoll Officer” set ~ Le Petit Prince

Dress ~ “Black Liner Run Dress” ~ Nomine

Spinal Unit ~ “Lighting Bolt” ~ Grim Bros.

Bracers ~ “Bound Bracers” ~ AVZ

Gloves ~ “Sentinel Gloves” ~ Hybrid Productions

Location ~ The Church of the Atonement – Insilico

Quotation ~ from the novel  “Altered Carbon”  by Richard Morgan

(Originally published at, April 29th, 2009)

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