The Red Pill

I had to take it.

We all did.

Now I’m left standing here in a room full of pink polka dot bowling pins.

And Grady don’t bowl.

What’s a girl to do?

Details below ~Hair ~ “2Hawk4U” white ~ AVZ

Eyes ~ “Red Bunny-vein1” ~ Tacky Star

Eyewear ~ “Another Angle” ~ Air

Earrings ~ “My Mother’s Eyes” ~ Schadenfreude

Skin ~ “WL-Ultralight-Geisha Okiya (custom version) ~ Nomine

Necklace ~ “USB Cable Necklace” ~ AVZ

Obi ~ “Leather Obi” from the “Amaya Kimono” set ~ Gauze

Shoulder Guards ~ from “The Drosero Suit-white” ~ Groll Inn and Hideout Island

Gloves ~ from the “Snowglass” suite ~ silent sparrow

Shoes ~ “02 Athlete Sneakers” orange/brown ~ Redgrave

Bracers, Skirt, Pants, Top ~ from the “Blossoms-blue” set ~ Eshi Otawara

Background Image ~ Yayoi Kusama

(Originally published at, April 11th, 2009)

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