The Return

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion…”

Roy Batty ~ Blade Runner


I’ve seen them too.

I was there when the crippled battle wagons limped back to Earth.

One of them carried Perriwinkle.

She was a fleet navigator, and she came back in pieces.


I put her back together again, as best I could.

But I lost track of her after that. Until recently.


She had found work dancing at ReaktOr and wanted to see me.

She knew she would never navigate the stars again,

but she still had a contribution to make.


We had signed up together in the early days at Tyrell Corp.

I went into Medical, she took Astrogation.


It was sweet to watch her dance again, as she used to in our off-duty hours.


Damn this war.

Details below.

On Grady Echegaray

Hair ~ “Watch Me” white ~ Mirada

Eyes ~ “Purple Sunflower” – vein 1 ~ Tacky Star

Eyewear ~ “Rosarium” – silver ~ Air

Skin ~ “WL Ultralight – Geisha Aotori” (custom version) ~ Nomine

Skirt (tinted) ~ From “The Good Doctor” set ~ Schadenfreude

Cap, jacket, blood transfusion attachment (left arm), serum gun (right thigh),

laser surgery bracer (right wrist), data pack bracer (left wrist),

stockings and boots are all from the “Sexadoll Surgeon” set ~ Le Petit Prince

On Perriwinkle Waves

Long Jacket ~ Discord
Corset and panties ~ INSOLENCE
Boa ~ caLLie cLine
Cybernetics ~
Mech Stilettos ~ P.I.I.,
Head and Throat ~ Cyberpunk Apocalypse,
Hair ~ Bitter Beauty Creations,
Torso ~ 6ixth Sense,
Eyes ~ Senasy
Skin ~ Nomine
Jewelry ~ KDC
Cigarette Holder ~ Mika

Location ~ The ReaktOr Techno-Fetish Club ~ Insilico

Thank you Perri! ❤

(Originally publishet at, April 14th, 2009)


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