Casablanca with Bar and Cherry Tree

Of all the gin joints…


…in all the sims…


…in all the Metaverse…


…I walk into his.


Hello Rick.


You know my poison.

Details under the piano lid.

Hair ~ “Teach me” – snow white ~ Mirada

Eyes ~ “Galaxy” – black, no vein ~ FNKY

Skin ~ “Disturbia-moonstruck” (custom version) ~ Nomine

Earrings ~ “Everyday Gems” ~ Shiny Things

Cigarette ~ “Long Ash” ~ Primitive Design

Eyewear ~ “no,055s Purity” – black ~ VJ Eyewear

Hoody ~ “Hooded sweater” – black ~ Mechanism

Pants ~ “Wil pants” ~ The Black Canary

Boots ~ “Valentina” – silver ~ Lya

Cherry Tree ~ Organica

Bar ~ “Cocktail Bar” – black (modified with the addition of the image of old Nexus Prime) ~ Abiss Interior Design

*a tip of the fedora to Dancien for jogging my mind in this direction.

(Originally published at strangepixels, May 4th, 2009)

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