Les Demoiselles

Mesdames et Messieurs.


Je me présente…


…Achariya L’Orange!


Et moi, Grady La Grande!


Et Mourna La Magnifique!

snapshot_013-copyNous sommes…


…Les Demoiselles d’Enfer.

Details behind the curtain.

Showgirl Achariya L’Orange wears ~

Hair ~ “Jami”orange ~ Kin

Skin ~ “Deathly F” Blood Harlequin Slayer ~ Whispers of Night

Monocle ~ “Guildio” antique ~ Guild of Crie

Bracelet ~ “Suggestive bracelet” black ~ Perturb/ation

Earrings ~ “Silver hoops with black drops” ~ Kunstkammer

Choker ~ “Rosary Ring Choker” silver ~ Handmaidens

Boa ~ “Wrapped feather boa” black ~ Schadenfreude

Boots ~ “Athena” black ~ Tesla

Ruffle on panties ~  from the “Le Cupcake” corset set, black/orange ~ Katat0nik

Corset, panties, stockings, gloves, hat ~ “Copper Tease” ~  Schadenfreude


Showgirl Mourna Le Magnifique wears ~

Skin ~ “Sylvan China White” – vamp red ~Nomine

Outfit, Hat, Gloves ~ “Mistress of Ceremonies” ~ Reasonable Desires

Boots ~ “Athena” black ~ Tesla

Hair ~ “The Drifter” – black A ~ Foam!

Neck Ribbon ~ “Z’s Lace Neck Ribbon” black ~ Ookami Ningen


Showgirl Grady La Grand wears~

Top Hat ~ “Tophat Noir” ~ Schadenfreude

Hair ~ “Light” platinum ~ Eat Rice!

Skin ~ “Sylvan” china white (custom version) ~ Nomine

Earrings ~ “Princess” pearl white ~ Icing

Eyes ~ “Evil Watermelon” large, no vein ~ Tacky Star

Corset ~ “Gothica” ~ KC Fashions

Skirt and Lacy Bits (armbands and breast piece) ~ “Kitori” ~ Mare Dress and Kimono

Stockings ~ “Fishnet Bold” black ~ Sheer

Boots ~ “Athena” black ~ Tesla

(Originally published at strangepixels.net, June 8th, 2009)


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