Night on Earth











I know this scene will so end up on the cutting room floor.

Details in the gutter ~

For GL, he knows why.

Hair ~ “Aural” white ~ Gauze

Eyes ~ “Simplicity” grey ~ Tacky Star

Eyewear ~ “Romeo” black 10% ~ VJ Eyewear

Skin ~ “Glam Adamant” (custom version) ~ Nomine

Lip Piercing ~ “Hooked” ~ Something in your mouth

Necklace ~ “Rosary Ring Pendant” silver ~ Handmaidens

Boa ~ “Feather Boa” (with HUD colour changer) ~ Schadenfreude

TopĀ  ~ from the “Gypsy” black set ~ Quality Designs

Armband (right arm) ~ from the “Wataste Dress” set ~ Curious Kitties

Armband (left arm) ~ from the “Oshun Bands-midnight” set ~ Dark Eden

Gloves and Stockings ~ “Gothica” ~ KC Fashions

Hand Wraps ~ from the “Bound Bracers” set ~ AVZ

Skirt ~ “Super Psycho Laceup Skirt” ~ Curious Kitties

Boots ~ “Thigh High Boots” ~ J’s Boots

Location ~ Primitive City

Title Reference ~ Night on Earth by Jim Jarmusch ~ TRAILER

Thank you Allegory Malaprop (Schadenfreude) for the ultra-fab Feather Boa, and Yukio Ida (Gauze) for the stunning hair. They both arrived at exactly the right time. <3<3

(Originally published at strangepixels, May 18th, 2009)

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