It’s Summer, where’s our Ice Hotel?

My sultry southern amigos and amigas are melting in the heat.

You know who you are ❤

So flee to my northern ice lair!

Where I will cool you all in the ice bar with frozen potions.

And soothe your fevered brows while you nom on Gin infused Arctic Char

And after, when we are ready, we will kick off our boots and sleep dreamlessly on beds of ice.


Details under the ice ~

Hair ~ “Light” platinum ~ Eat Rice! (…is now closed, but Ellie Celt is now designing hair for Atomic)

Eyes ~ “Satin Button” ~ medium-no vein ~ Tacky Star

Eyewear ~ “Ipcress Thin” ~ Gudshu Glasses

Skin ~ “Grady – Beauty Mark” – custom skin ~ Nomine

Ears ~ “Kitty Ears” ~ >(O.0)<

Tail ~ “Kitsune Classic” ~ **Hybrid** Street

Tuxedo ~ “Tuxedo” white – women’s ~ Rebel Hope

Boots ~ “Glam Booties” white ~ Stiletto Moody

Background Image #1 courtesy arcticroute

Background Images #2 & #4 courtesy gte333f

Background Image #3 courtesy lukas

Background Image #5 courtesy inkiboo

(Originally published at, June 27th, 2009)

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