Memento Mori



…smiles at us all.

snapshot_023-copyBut all a man can do…


…is smile back.

snapshot_018-copyMarcus Aurelius Antoninus ~ 121 AD – 180 AD

Details in the crypt ~Hair ~ “NeoPunk II” white ~ Deviant Kitties

Horns ~ “Snicker” silver ~ Illusions

Ears ~ “Punky Ears”  fairy natural ~ Illusions

Eyes ~ “Kitten” medium vein ~ Tacky Star

Eyewear ~ “No,051 Deen-out” ~ VJ Eyewear

Skin ~ “Noctem Tristessa” custom version ~ Nomine

Choker ~ From the “Retribution” set ~ KC Fashions

Top ~ Jacket (cut version) from the “Brood” set ~ KC Fashions

Shirt ~ Custom by Grady with a texture by Holger Lippmann

Bracers and Gloves ~ “Bone Collector Bracers” ~ Nomine

Belt ~ “Black Lizard” ~ Bax Coen

Skirt ~ “Some Velvet Morning” (skirt only) ~ Nomine

Shot on location at ~ Dragon Rose Isle

(Originally published at, July 7th, 2009)


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