So there I was…

…hanging in the old basketball court in Suffugium.


Dancing to Giu’s tracks…


…in my Lightning heels that Aki made for me.


When who decides to drop by and check out the scene…


…but the lizard king hisself.


Uh huh………….Gabe Lippmann.


I was surprised, to say the least. But then…


…he is always surprising.

Details under the skin.

Grady Echegaray’s details ~

Hair ~”Tiffani” white ~ Deviant Kitties

Skin ~ “Mourna Autumn” (custom version) ~ Nomine

Eyes ~ “Satin Button” ~ small-no vein ~ Tacky Star

Bra ~ “Camo tie”- from the “Grindhouse” camo set ~ Nomine

Coat ~ “Leopard Jacket” – from the “Dogwitch” set ~ Nomine

Tights ~ “Leggings” red ~ Maiiki

Shoes ~ “Lightning Heels ~ (custom, not available) by Aki Shichiroji ~ Kitheres

Gabe Lippmann’s details ~

Nationality: Unknown
Location: Jessie
Agencies: Currently on strike and refusing to sign contracts
Known For: Biting, Sly Smiles and Standing Still
Interests: Cruelty, Flash Animation, Fencing, Freestyle Rap Battles
Status:  Offline

Shape ~ Custom by Gabe Lippmann

Skin ~ “Abyssal Men’s” ~ See No Evil (Nymph Zenith)

Ears ~ “Horn” ~ Deviant Kitties (Helyanwe Vindaloo)

Tail ~ “Mini Devil’s Tail” ~  Material Squirrel (Kala Bijoux)

Eyes ~ “Damned” – Black ~ Eeron Kilian Design (Eeron Kilian)

Shirt ~ “Undershirt”  (from the sylvan suit) ~ silent sparrow (hyasynth Tiramisu)

Respirator ~ “Typhoon Respirator Mask” ~ Dirty Lynx (Loki Dancer)

Eyes ~ “Animated Fire” ~ Sinful Creations (Sin Tatsu)

Pants ~”Merc pants” – camo (from Tactical MERC outfit) ~ Spartan Plunkett

Syringe Set ~ “Rapture Hypo Holder” ~ BroGear (Broder Kubrick)

(Originally published at, July 4th, 2009)

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