Basic Pleasure Model

Replicant (F) Des: GRADY


Nexus 6 N6FAB 21417


Func: Military/Leisure


Incept Date : Feb. 14, 2016


Phys: Lev. A Ment: Lev. B


Advanced Combat Footwear: ENABLED

Additional Data ~ below the flat line.

Hair ~ “Kayli Diamants” – platinum ~ Xplosion

Skin ~ “China White-Blackout” ~ Nomine

Eyes ~ “Kitten” medium ~ Tacky Star

Boa ~ “Wrapped Feather Boa” ~ Schadenfreude

Top ~ “Icon Top” – checker ~ SD Wears

Tights ~ “Icon Pants” -stars ~ SD Wears

Boots ~ “Posh” – moss ~ Pixel Mode

Big Hugs ~ To Tya Fallingbridge of  Pixel Mode for bailing me out at the last minute with those awesome boots! ❤

(Originally published at, July 20th, 2009)


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