Church Ladies

We are such sinners.


We should know better.


The trouble is…we do.


I know.


It’s a burden we must carry. *sigh


Do you think we will be forgiven?




Aren’t we always?

Details in the Sacristy.

On Grady Echegaray

Hair ~ “Isabella” white ~ Dark Mouse

Eyes ~ “Kitten” medium vein2 ~ Tacky Star

Skin ~ “Vamp” ~ (Grady custom) ~ Nomine

Necklace ~ “Pearl Necklace with Cameo” ~ Schadenfreude

Dress ~ Combination of elements from “Annis” and “Siobhan” ~ Nomine

Boots ~ “Fallen Disgrace” ~ Nightshade Designs

On Persephone Milk

Skin ~ “Uma C Natural” w/Dark Brows ~ Rockberry

Shape ~ Custom ~ Persephone

Dress ~ “Nanshe” ~ Nomine

Hair ~ “Amber” – Chocolate ~ TRUTH

Nails ~ “Punch Heart” ~ Gianetti Boutique

Eyelashes ~ “BlackDarling” ~ Redgrave

Eyes ~ “Surreal Darkbrown A Window” ~ Exotica

Shoes ~ “Pinup” (Blacker Patent) ~ Stiletto Moody

Cameo Choker ~ Custom by Persephone

Rings and Earrings ~ Custom by Persephone

Bracelets ~ Deesse Bracelets by Ginny Talamasca

Cleavage ~ Cleavage v2.6 Dark by [AYUMI]

AO ~ SEmotion L&I&S AO HUD v.3.6

Shot on location at ~ Dragon Rose Isle

My thanks to Persephone for “sinning” with me. :heart:

My thanks also to Seska Akami, for her hospitality and use of her wonderful sim Dragon Rose Isle

If any particle of your heart could be described as Gothic, I recommend you visit. 🙂

(Originally published at, August 17th)

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