Working For A Living

Sure, I know what you think.

The lights, the glamour.


The limos, and the parties.

snapshot_008-copyThe shoes…


…my god, the shoes.  But…


…what you don’t see…

snapshot_018-copy1…is the sweat.


And that’s a good thing.

Details ~ under the cushions.

Hair ~ “Ladyboy” essence ~ Vanity

Skin ~ “Grady” beauty mark (custom) ~ Nomine

Earrings ~ “Syringe Earrings” ~ Relentless Unknown

Eyes ~ “Kitten” medium-vein2 ~ Tacky Star

Shirt & Tie ~ “Kare Shirt” white ~ BareRose

Stockings ~ “Nylon” black ~ Sheer

Shoes ~ “Danger” laced/studded black ~ Pixel Mode

The Set ~

Seamless Photo Paper and Lights ~ Factotum Dicassel

Love Seat and Table ~ from the “La Scala” set ~ Abiss Interior Design

(Originally published at, July 29th, 2009)

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