Bulletproof Fashion

Satellites are out tonight.


The Blade Runners too.


They say that Deckerd…


…that he’s the best.


But he’ll never catch me.


Oh no he won’t.

Details in the vest pouch ~

Hair ~ “Troubled” essence ~ Vanity

Skin ~ “Sylvan-China White” Cateyes (custom Grady version) ~ Nomine

Eyes ~ “Kitten” medium ~ Tacky Star

Earrings ~ “Retro Stripe” ~ Dark Mouse

Vest ~ “Kevlar Vest” dirty graffiti ~ TonkTastic

Gloves ~ “Striped Strap” ~ Maiiki

Bangles ~ “Winter Bangles” silver ~ Argyle

Watch ~ “LB6” silver ~ Watch Shop Watches

Skirt ~ From the “Antartica Black Battleship” gown set ~ Sascha’s Designs

Shot on location at Blade Runner City

“Satellites are out tonight.”¬† is a line from¬† “Let X = x” by Laurie Anderson.

(Originally published at strangepixels.net, August 25th, 2009)

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