Club Girl

Another poster shoot. You’d think I was the only party girl in this town.


Where’s Yoshi?

Pfft, late again. Guess I’ll wait inside.


Nothing sadder than an empty night club.

snapshot_013Damn him.

snapshot_015About time. Let’s get to work.


Uh huh.


Uh huh.


We done now?


Details at the bar ~

Hair ~ “Gyorgyna” essence ~ Vanity

Eyes ~ “Something of Lilac” medium vein 1 ~ Tacky Star

Skin ~ “Mourna” purple – (custom version) ~ Nomine

Earrings ~ “Kahto Goldstone” ~ (luc) Fashion Jewelry

Collar ~ “Corded Neck Corset” ~ Relentless Unknown

Top ~ “Scooped Out Corset” black 3 ~ Elymode

Gloves ~ “Lottie” alternate ~ ~silentsparrow~

Glove Tops ~ from “Striped Strap Gloves” ~ Maiiki

Watch ~ “Comet #34” ~ Chronokit

Skirt ~ from the “Eco” set ~ Sascha’s Designs

Leggings ~ “Long Leggings” black ~ Maiiki

Boots ~ “Ankle Boots Round” ~ J’s Boots

Cleavage ~ “Cleavage v.2.6 superlight ~ [AYUMI]

Shot on location at Black Label

*hugs and kisses to Morgan Genna for the gift of the Comet #34 ❤

(Originally published at, September 11th, 2009)


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