Die Blitz Mädel

Bye-Bye, Mein Lieber Herr.


Farewell, mein Lieber Herr.


It was a fine affair,


But now it’s over.


And though I used to care,


I need the open air.


You’re better off without me,

Mein Herr.

Details ~

Hair ~ “New 88 type B” ~ **W&Y**

Eyes ~ “Galaxy” black-light veins ~ FNKY

Skin ~ “Grady” (custom skin) ~ Nomine

Cap, Headphones, Jacket, Skirt ~ “Panzerlied” ~ Le Petit Prince

Wristwatch ~ “Comet #34” ~ Chronokit

Shirt ~ “Sence” shirt-black1 ~ Crazy

Tights ~ “Long Leggings” black ~ Maiiki

Boots ~ “Ultimate” black ~ PixelFashion

Set ~ Grady

Text ~ From Cabaret

Thanks to Lili Brink for the killer bewts tip! <3*


Her blog is awesomepants, go see!

(Originally posted at strangepixels.net, February 11th, 2010)


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