Drive, She Said

This is going to be some drive.


They aren’t called The Wastelands for no reason.


Time to roll.


Stay frosty.



I need a pit stop.


Wonder if Giuseppe’s home.


…and awake.


He never was much of an early riser.

Details under the hood ~

Hair ~ “Secret” light blonde ~ TheAbyss

Helmet ~ “Motor-Head II” black and silver/clean ~  Hat Mechanic

Goggles ~ from the “Jet Head” pack ~  Hat Mechanic

Eyes ~ “Tragic” iceblue (shine) medium ~ Curio

Skin ~ “Grady-nude” (custom) ~  Nomine

Collar ~ “Copper Studded Choker” ~ Handmaidens

Jacket ~ “Weib Team Jacket” short sleeve ~ Le Petit Prince

Bracelet ~ “Bracelet o2” ~ NC+

Gloves ~”Fingerless Gloves” style b ~ TonkTastic

Shirt ~ “Area 23 shirt” ~ (Giuseppe Spicoli) ~ Rubbles

Pants ~ “Icon Pants” – black (tinted down) ~ SD Wears

Boots ~ “3way Engineer Boots” -lady ~  J’s Boots

Car ~ “Aoba” red ~ RC Shop and Circuit

Shot on location in The Wastelands

Many thanks to Lili Brink and her wonderful blog Brinksie for the tip on the Aoba car.

(Originally published at, October 26th, 2009)


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