I can feel them. They are coming again.


Sweeping in over the shoulder of Orion.


Implacable. Merciless.


We defeated them last time.


This time we have to do more.


We have to drive them back so decisively they never threaten our worlds again.

Details below~

Hair  ~ “Hecate” – alabaster ~ DV8

Eyes ~ “Stained Glass” – small- vein1 ~ Tacky Star

Skin ~ “Grady Glam Chinstripe” (custom) ~ Nomine

Arm Scanner ~ from the “Geno-R1” armour suit ~ Groll Inn and Hideout Island

Neck piece ~ turtleneck collar from the “Ice Dancer-midnight” set ~ Ookami Ningen

Shoulder and leg pieces ~ from the “OrKa” set ~ Alpha Tribe

Headpiece and bodysuit ~ “Daegu” ~ Alpha Tribe

Cube skirt (doubled and used as prop) ~ from the “Daegu” set ~ Alpha Tribe

Forehead Triangle ~ Grady Echegaray

Set ~ Grady Echegaray

This post is a companion to ~ Requiem and The Return

(Originally published at, May 10th, 2009)


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