Strange Citizens ~ Krikon Ackmann and Siena Arbenlow

Every now and then, as I am shopping, or doing a shoot, I run into someone with a truly amazing av. Normally I would take a pic or two, perhaps compliment them if I have time for a conversation. I ran into Krikon Ackmann while I was doing the shoot for Memento Mori and was so impressed I decided I needed to share his av foo with you. A few days later we arranged to meet to take some pics and he asked if he include his friend Siena. I am so glad he did as her av is a perfect mate to his.  Thank you both. ❤









Details Below ~

On Krikon ~

Skin ~ “Vampire” male ~ Vamporium
Eyes ~ “Venus” ~ Redgrave (glow from AVID)
Hair ~ “Ivanka” v1 ~ Sweet Hairs
Tatoo ~ “Graveyard” ~ Platinum
Clothes ~ “Conjurer” (boots included) ~ Ed Eclipse
Ears ~ “Fairy ears” ~ Illusions
Wings ~ “Arch demon” black ~ Material Squirrel
Fangs ~ “DCS2” ~ Box
Raven  ~  “Raven” ~ Wynx’s Whimsical Wonders

On Siena ~

Skin ~ “Eternal Vampire” female ~ Vamporium
Eyes ~ “Venus” ~ Redgrave
Hair ~”Selene v1 color DT04 ~ Sweet Hairs
Tatoo ~ “Four dragons” ~ Corocota Yorok (personal gift)
Wings ~ “Arch demon” black ~ Material Squirrel
Wakizashi ~ “Basic katana” black ~ Tsukishima
Boots ~ “Tippy toes ponyboot bloody” black ~ SMOTD
Corset, Gloves and Stockings ~  “Long rotten corset – corset form victorian decay – long rotten gloves and socks ~ Rotten Toe
Skirt ~ from “Belle” black ~ She Wants Revenge
Fangs ~ “DCS2” ~ Box

Shot on location in Templum Ex Obscurum

(Originally posted at, September 8th, 2009)

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