The Good Replicant

Damn Deckard!

How does a guy manage to completely drop off the grid and disappear like that?


I could have really used his help on this assignment.


Take out the last rogue Nexus 6 loose in L.A. indeed.


Well, I guess it isn’t Deckard she needs to worry about.


It’s me.

The first Nexus 7.


Looks like my ride.


*Takes a deep breath.

Details ~

Hair ~ “Hermione” essence ~ Vanity

Skin ~ “Grady Nude Blue” (custom) ~ Nomine

Eyes ~ “Tragic” watercolour (shine) medium ~ Curio

Backpack, Gloves and Arms ~ from the “Panzer” set ~ Blue Galaxy

Collar, Shirt, Shoulders and Boots ~ from the “Combat Pilot” set ~ Blue Galaxy

Underpants ~ “Modular Armour Base Underpants” ~ Blue Galaxy

Skybox ~ “Tyrell Corp. Office” ~ White Star Luxury Prefab Homes

(Originally posted at, September 29th, 2009)

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