The Working Life

So I wake up every morning looking like this and feeling like crap.


But that’s the good part, it always gets worse.


By noon, much worse.


And by afternoon, I generally look like this.


Hunting brainz is a hard job.

By midnight, I’m toast.


It’s the working life.


In the morning, I get up and do it all again.

Isn’t there a Greek Myth about this?

Details in Hades ~

Hair ~ “Relia” white ~ Gauze

Eyes ~ “Something of Lilac” medium vein 1 ~ Tacky Star

Collar ~ “Patchwork Metal” ~ Relentless Unknown

Choker ~ “Atomic Choker” ~ Relentless Unknown

Bracer ~ “Confinement” ~ Relentless Unknown

Skins ~ “Zombie, Stages 1-4” ~ Nomine

Bra ~ “Black Bra” ~ Section 9

Top, Panties, Stockings ~ from the “Dogwitch” set ~ Nomine

Skirt ~ “Tattered Black”, from the Dogwitch set ~ Nomine

Shoes ~ “Shabby shoes-black ~ Grim Bros.

Shot on Location in  The Wastelands

(Originally published at, September 22nd, 2009)

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