Get Right With God

Get down with him


I would risk the serpent’s bite
I would dance around with seven
I would kiss the diamond back
If I knew it would get me to heaven


‘Cause I want to get right with God
Yes, you know you got to get right with God


I would burn the soles of my feet
Burn the palms of both my hands
If I could learn and be complete
If I could walk righteously again


I would sleep on a bed of nails
‘Till my back was torn and bleeding
In the deep darkness of Hell
The Damascus of my meeting


I asked God about his plan
To save us all from Satan’s slaughter
If I give up one of my lambs
Will you take me as one of your daughters?


‘Cause I want to get right with God
Yes, you know you got to get right with God

Details ~ in the book

Credits ~

Hat/Hair ~ Wasabi Pills ~ “Magician Hat” ~ iceberg – (modded to remove playing cards from hatband)

Skin ~ Nomine ~ “Grady Vamp” – red (custom)

Eyes ~ Tacky Star ~ “Blood Fest” – Lighter Large – vein 1

Additional makeup ~ MOCK Cosmetics ~ “Mock and Mole”

Additional Makeup ~ “lipstripe” by G.E

Heart Necklace ~ MG Jewelry ~ “Rejuvinated Stitched Heart” – Short

Cross Necklace ~ MG Jewelry ~ “Cross of Assisi” – Long – Silver + Black Obsidian

Bible ~ Primitive Design ~ “The Holy Book” (modified by GE) – no longer available

Dress ~ DECO ~ “M100 Dress” – small – licorice

Hands ~  Slink ~ “mesh hands” ~ casual (L) and casual (R)

Right Hand Ring ~ MG Jewelry ~ “Roho” – small

Left Hand Ring ~ MG Jewelry ~ “Skull-Fleur de Lis” – metals – L

Leggings ~ ColdLogic ~ “Hill” – black – (XXS – CUFF3)

Boots ~ Lassitude & Ennui ~ “Edenion” – black/silver – XS

Shot on location in Second Life at the Sinistyle Sim

Text ~ Lucinda Williams ~ “Get Right With God” from the “Essence” album


4 responses

  1. Call me when it’s over.

    July 20, 2013 at 6:52 pm

  2. juana

    HA is my fashionista guardian angel <3<3<3

    July 20, 2013 at 9:04 pm

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