The Way We Live Now

There are nineteen billion of us.

The Way3crp

We live our lives underground now.

The Way1crp

We commit our crimes underground.

The Way2crp

We even fight our wars underground.

The Way4crp

We don’t live on the surface anymore, the environment became too hostile.

The Way5crp

Fusion reactors were our escape hatch.

The Way6crp

If this sounds grim to you.

The Way7crpFIX

Consider this.

The Way8crp

I’m a cop.

Details ~ Underground

Credits ~

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills ~ “Teeloh”  – iceberg

Hairbase ~ .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ “braIniac” – (modded to white)

Skin ~ Nomine ~ “Papillon China” – fluxa nude

Makeup 1 ~ MOCK Cosmetics ~ “Mock and Mole”

Makeup 2 ~ MOCK Cosmetics ~ “Dim Grey Indifference Eyeshadow” – eyes only

Makeup 3 ~ Pin Me Down ~ “Set 7-02”

Makeup 4 ~ “Lipstripe” ~ by G.E.

Eyes ~ Nomine ~ “Android Eyes” – black blank (left eye)

Eyepatch ~ [The Forge] ~ “Skull Cutter Eye Patch” – black – right – female

Ears ~ [MANDALA] ~ “Simple Ears”

Jawpiece ~ Death Row Designs ~ “Cybermask” – mono – left

Collar ~ [sYs] ~ “Black Queen”

Gloves 1 ~ Maiiki ~ “Strapless Gloves” – black

Gloves 2 ~ TonkTastic ~ “Fingerless Gloves” – black

Armour set ~ Death Row Designs ~ “Armor” – mono

Back tattoo ~ MetaTheodora ~ “Freudian Slip Back Tattoo”

Vertibrae ~ iLogic ~ “Vertebral Interface” – shape A

Dress ~ [ SAKIDE ] ~ “Virtuality Dress” – XXS

Leg bag ~ [sYs] ~ “Black Leg Bag”

Leggings ~ coldLogic ~ “Hill” – black – XXS – cuff 3

Boots ~ BIOMECHANOID ~ “The Stomp Boot”

Shot in Second Life against an image purchased from the Poly Chronies exhibition by Gem Preiz. (On arrival in the sim, select the tp to the Bronx, on arrival at ground level turn and you will see the art gallery, walk in and select the tp point to the exhibition.)


2 responses

  1. just buckle and cinch
    and don’t you dare flinch

    the darkness can hear
    hone in on your fear

    if you make a sound
    in the underground

    March 9, 2014 at 1:31 am

    • …night you are in for a fight so just grin and bear it and don’t think to fear it…

      March 9, 2014 at 2:54 pm

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