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Electric Lime on the barbee

Margaret Mfume ~ March 4th, 2011

Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color ~ Electric Lime

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Bryn Oh’s Standby

Margaret Mfume ~ February 25th, 2011

Bryn Oh has announced that the third and final chapter to her Bryn Oh’s Rabbicorn story is coming to a close at IBM.  If you haven’t seen this work of art, make haste and do so before it’s too late.  Standby at Immersiva


For Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge ~ Teal

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Is this right?

Margaret Mfume ~ February 18, 2011

It was done up right.

There was wine & romance

a poem, a rose, and chocolate

but now it’s over

and you wonder

is this right?

or is it fear of being alone?

for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge ~ Red

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A HybridCupid Valentine

Margaret Mfume ~ February 13, 2011

To those who indulged my folly, you look mahvelous! Love you long time.  ❤

Nina Stepford


Bunnie & Bambee Pelous


Phoenix & Sansarya Caligari-Psaltery


Sansarya Caligari


Jorus Xi


Sally Rosebud


Willow Matthews


Arilynn Karu & Nalia Vuckovic


Arilynn Karu


Charlemagne Allen


Beebo Brink


Mocksoup Graves


Tracer Graves

Tracer & Mockie


Gabe Lippmann

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The Cupid of Clearwing

Margaret Mfume ~ February 13, 2011

Clearwing, the land of love and good will, had fallen under the influence of the dastardly AntiCupid.  I found this villian attempting to lure Nina to the the dark side as she waited for her beloved Briana.  A nasty kerfluffle ensued but I soon made quick work of the AntiCupid.


After restoring to Nina her good faith, I moved on to undo the damage that had been wrought.

Bams & Bunnie were too busy fleeing the LL Bear to notice me swoop down upon them.

A gazebo is really no place to hide.  Phoenix was soon crawling to Sansarya for protection.

Sally and Jorus thought that the Second Citizen Clubhouse would shield them.

There was no safety in numbers within the sturdy walls of Brinkmere.

Willow put up a valiant effort, I needed 3 arrows to take that one down.

Arilyn & Nalia?    Easy!

I barely disturbed Chaz in her slumber, alas, even the brave Beebo proved to be no challenge.

Mockie & Tracer thought they would escape my notice in The Speakeasy’s private quarters.

This gentleman tried to slip out a back stairway…

… but nab him I did – in the end!

more pics at Mfume’s Flickr

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Painted Black

52 Weeks of Color Challenge ~ Black

On location at EDO JAPAN KITAMACHI and The Wastelands: Ashvasta

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A night at the Speakeasy

Margaret Mfume ~ January 31, 2011

Nothing suits the elegance of emerald like a night on the town and where better to strut it than

The Speakeasy?

52 Weeks of Color Challenge ~ Emerald

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