Holy Roller

Grady Echegaray ~ February 21, 2011

Love me once again and leave me full of longing
For you fill my head with diamonds shining like a thousand seas

Shining like a holy roller
Falling down upon his knees

Saying push me up to heaven
Oh god almighty please

They say it’s only lust that sprinkles fairy dust
But give me some of that stuff before I go

Though I’ll be gone again a-rolling on the ocean
I will write you long love letters that are scented like the sea

The sun will rise again and your eyes will slowly open
And I’ll fall just like an angel, like a sword into the sea

Details below deck ~



Drive, She Said

This is going to be some drive.


They aren’t called The Wastelands for no reason.


Time to roll.


Stay frosty.



I need a pit stop.


Wonder if Giuseppe’s home.


…and awake.


He never was much of an early riser.

Details under the hood ~


Hungover in Miami.

~Thanks for bailing me out of MIA arrivals, Wendy hon.

Those airport security guys have NO sense of humor! Now I know how Naomi feels.~

~Lurve your boat! You get the bestest toys. Hee, you didn’t need that husband anyway.

Let’s find a quiet spot. Something to show ya.~

*whispers in Wendy’s ear*

~You are such a biatch, why didn’t you tell me you made VF? Sekrit files!

Up to no good as soon as I turn my back.~

~They were handing these out on the plane.~


~I had totally forgotten about that Vogue shoot. And that’s a KILLER pic of you!~

~*sighs happily*~

~Let’s get us some Margarita buckets.~

Details and SLurls on the beach by the Margarita shack.