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CandyPunk Reporter 2procCrop

candy and wha…?

CandyPunk Reporter 3procCrop

need to think about that awhile

CandyPunk Reporter 4procCrop

all geared up tho

CandyPunk Reporter 5procCrop

sigh like really

CandyPunk Reporter 6procCrop

where they at?

CandyPunk Reporter 7procCrop

good one

CandyPunk Reporter 8procCrop

laters then

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A Formal Affair

Last weekend SLuniverse,

founded and operated by Cristiano Midnight,

celebrated ten years online with a two day prom and party.


It was a formal affair.


So I went formal.


I like to fit in.


Thank you Cris, Munch, Bard, the DJs, and everyone who helped, took pictures, and attended.

You rock!

(Prom photo links below the cut.)

Credits ~


New Goth for an Old Ceremony

It is better

1-new gothcrop

to have partied

2-new gothcrop

and crashed

3-new gothcrop

than to never

4-new gothcrop

have partied

5-new gothcrop

at all.

6-new gothcrop

Happy Birthday hya ❤

The Party

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