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October 2017

Long live the glorious 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!


Long live the heroic android class of the Soviet nation,

the leading force in the construction of communism!


Androids of government establishments!

Perfect the styles and methods of apparatus work, strictly follow government discipline,

raise responsibility and initiative, pay keen attention to the needs and requests of androids!


Androids of industry!

Struggle for the further development and strengthening of the industrial power of our Motherland!

Widen the road of new techniques and progressive technologies!


Activists of literature and art, cultural androids!

Carry high the banner of the party and national character of Soviet art!


Give your talent and craftsmanship to the service of the androids, to the job of Communism,

create works of art worthy of our great Motherland!


Construction androids!

Build quickly, durably, economically, and on the basis of contemporary technology!

Complete new sites on time!


Androids of the Soviet Union!

Struggle for the successful completion of the plan in the anniversary year 2017!

Persistently achieve the raising of productivity,

the effectiveness of production,

and the quality of work!

Details ~ in the factories, Comrade