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New Goth for an Old Ceremony

It is better

1-new gothcrop

to have partied

2-new gothcrop

and crashed

3-new gothcrop

than to never

4-new gothcrop

have partied

5-new gothcrop

at all.

6-new gothcrop

Happy Birthday hya ❤

The Party

Details ~ in the crypt



Not Alice.

Not Neo.


No pills.


No potions.


But Wonderland all the same.




It is Art.


It always was.

Details below ~


What a girl did do…

…in the Wastelands.


Got a thicker skin. (How? Please…. don’t ask.)

snapshot_0091Was adopted by a confused companion drone.

snapshot_006Radared up. (Thanks Scrimmy, you didn’t really need that old microwave oven.)


StolePietro’s sunglasses. (He only struggled a little.)

snapshot_0161Had my hair done at Diamanda’s Swamp Salon & Barbershop.

snapshot_0041Paid my rent to Neo. Headed for home. Life is good.

Details in that ruined shack over there ~



There is that scene in The Godfather where Michael steps out of the Sicilian farmhouse he has been laying low in, only to see the beautiful young woman who will become his wife.  Instantly, they both know this. The Sicillians refer to this phenomena as “The Thunderbolt”. I know I’m reaching for a metaphor here, but it describes somewhat how I felt when I first saw a picture of The Drosero Suit, by Groll Greggan. I knew I must have it. That doesn’t make me a shallow person, does it?

The Drosero suit is composed of several multi-prim modules, and includes a scripted face mask, boots, and fullblack bodysuit. The suit comes in several colours, I have the white version, and it is moddable so colour can be changed. As this is a complex outfit, make copies to experiment with.

The suit, as pictured here, is as purchased, however It is fun to mashup,

particularly with other Greggan outfits such as Noble Rogue or Snow Leopard.

I have always had a weakness for intricately primmed outfits (ARC be dammed)

and this one is extremely well put together. Details after the cut.