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Eternal Vigilance


This is the city I guard.






Sometimes warning.


I stand in a high place.


Eternal vigilance.


This is the city I guard.

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This Is How It Works ~ (For Acha)

Grady Echegaray, 30 March, 2011

Image 1 ~When Momo started strange pixels and invited me to post there, neither of us knew where the journey would take us, but we did know one thing. We knew that if there was one fashion blogger we wanted to try to be as good as, it was Acha. No one rocked it like her. One day, Acha gave a Garden Party and it was one of the highlights of my Second Life to be a part of it. From left to right ~ Allegory Malaprop, Violet Voltaire, ellantha Larsson, Mourna Biziou, hyasynth Tiramisu, Elusyve Jewell, Winter Jefferson, Achariya Maktoum, Grady Echegaray (Originally posted in Arcadia).

Image 2 ~ One of the really fun things to do as a fashion blogger is to do a shoot with another blogger. One of my favs is when Acha and Momo got together for Acha and Mourna in Severina. It didn’t hurt that they styled outfits by hya, a designer that we all love. Acha and Momo did 13 duets together.

Image 3 ~ When I first started in SL one of my first friends was Giuseppe Spicoli, who went on to become a great SL dj and a major contributor to the Suffugium and Wastelands communities. In one of those wonderful SL coincidences, I found out from Acha in our first visit together that not only were they great RL friends, but that Giu had been the one to introduce Acha to SL. One of my fav posts of Acha’s is Vaguely Incestuous Poseballing. (Best post title ever!)

Image 4 ~ Acha was never one to stay at home blogwise. She frequently reached out to the wider community of fashion bloggers for inspiration and blogging subjects and those subjects were frequently other fashion bloggers. With Acha, six degrees of separation was five degrees too many. Her “Not me” series eventually totalled 107.

Image 5 ~ One day I stumbled across the Kubrick Rooms by Rumpledink Robbiani. When I saw the Korova Milk bar complete with poseballs I knew what I had to do. I also knew that Acha needed to get in touch with her inner droogie and join Momo, myself and Winter on the bench at the back of the bar. It was a bit of the old ultra fashion.

Image 6 ~ One of my fondest memories of Acha is of the time we first met. She came over to my place and within a couple of minutes we were yakking away as if we had known each other for years. She has that way about her. I was not able to make her last post shoot but we were able to visit shortly after and I snuck a few pics. She was excited about spending more time exploring the virtual world we all love. She is a rock star. <3<3

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It is fitting…


…that a good sword be old,


and have a history.


I have one such.


It is ancient.

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A Lady of the Court

The wind from Mt. Fuji

snapshot_002I put it on the fan.

snapshot_006Here, the souvenir from Edo.

snapshot_0071Basho Matsuo, (1644~1694)


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*keys iPhone*

(Maddy! I just got in. You weren’t kidding about panic deadline. “Cept it’s a different deadline. The Suntory shoot is on the shelf for a coupla days. Now Yoshi is talking about Kami and Vogue. What’s up with that??? Did you know about this?)

“Chill babe. Yoshi called me while you were still in the air. Nonko Ramankan, one of Japan’s most illustrious designers has released a new art kimono, “Dessart2”

(But Yoshi is babbling, I mean BABBLING about Kami this and Kami that. What is he talking about?)

“Kami is Japanese for spirit, or ghost. He want’s you to project…um… ghostly spiritual qualities. Think of it as being like an angel. Oh and project with “intensity”, he loves intensity. Did I mention that this one is quadruple rate?”

(Quad rate? I can be intense for that! Though you know I’m no angel. *giggles*)

“yes doll, that little fact is at least semi-widely known by now.”

(But get this, they don’t want to shoot in the studio. Yoshi want’s me on the very tip top of the Midtown Tower!!! I’ll freeze!)

“Oh but sweetie, that makes total sense. That tower is the tallest in Tokyo. Yoshi is making a statement here. And it is also the home of the Suntory Museum of Art, AND the SMA is currently hosting an exhibition of Kimono’s called “Kosode: Haute Couture Kimonos of the Edo Period.” This will be a huge splash for you!.”

(*mutters under breath* It’ll be a splash allright if I fall off the tower.)

*iPhone battery dies*

(Damn it’s cold up here! I could really use a doubleshot latte.)

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