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Now Juana Is Eight

We have changed, yet are still the same.


2007 ~ Nexus Prime


2008 ~ Ironjaw


2009 ~ Ironjaw


2010 ~ Ashvasta, The Wastelands


2011 ~ Ashvasta, The Wastelands


2012 ~ Ashvasta, The Wastelands


2013 ~ Ironjaw


2014 ~ Ironjaw

The happiest of rezdays Juanita! <3<3<3


The House


I should say:


The house


shelters day dreaming,


the house


protects the dreamer,


the house


allows one


to dream in peace.

Details ~ downstairs


An Avatar’s Progress

Rezdate ~ January 15 – 2006 ~ Ahern


2006 ~ Nexus Prime Cyberpunk


2007 ~ Masai


2008 ~ Wings of Desire


2009 ~ Club Girl


2010 ~ If I were Real


2011 ~ Breakmaker

blush response3

2012 ~ BLUSH Response


Nexus Mon Amour

Grady Echegaray ~ December 24, 2010

You’re destroying me.

You’re good for me.

I loved the taste of Ozone since I tasted yours.

Sometimes we have to avoid thinking about the problems life presents.

Otherwise we’d suffocate.

Looking back it’s hard to say what it all meant.

Or even if it meant anything at all.

Details ~


Dark Garden

Hybrid Angel returned to the place where she was born.


She was older. Wiser.


So much had changed.


The world she inhabited had been transformed.


It would never again be what it was.


Never again would she wander those ruined,

hungry streets beneath the gleaming towers.


But an old friend had returned safely.

~ Details follow ~


Canned for the night.

NPPD Mainframe:  Good evening citizens. Thank you for choosing NPPD for your incarceration.

You will remain in this holding area until a human agent arrives, at which point you will be charged or released.

Estimated time of arrival for an agent is 6 hours. 11 minutes and 46 seconds.


GE: I hate robot cops. Especially NPPD* robot cops. You just can’t reason with them.

GM: Well you don’t suppose the explosion on the 45th floor of Tyrell Corp.

Tower might explain their twitchiness? I’ve never seen so many peeps scooped at one time.


GE: So what happened?

GM: Half an hour before, I saw a grav-cab land on the roof.

I was watching like you asked. Three peeps got out and unloaded a cryo-cap.

Then nothing til the big boom. But check it out, a  few minutes after the windows blew out,

someone was back on the roof.

Couldn’t see much though.

They pulled down another grav-cab and powered out.


GE: Anything else?

GM: Was hard to see, the angle was wrong…

but…whoever it was has a long nose.

GE: Hah! Silly Yakuza. They woke her up.


GE: We better get some sleep. Otherwise it’s going to be a real long night.


GE: Ehhh sunrise over Nexus. Place has changed some.


GM: I swear Grady, next time I hear you’re inbound…

GE: Awwww, Gomi, you say that every time I come to town.


NPPD Mainframe: Good morning citizens!

The human agent has decided there is no further reason to detain you.

Please vacate the holding area immediately!


GE: Translation: our lawyers checked their messages. Let’s get out of here.


Details in the booking room ~



…because the world does not have enough Platinum blonde cyber-punks.

*leans into the mirror*

*adjusts hair attachment*

mmmmm, a little x, a little y…………mwah! Purrfect.

now, a little refresh on the lipstripe. Oh ja! Makeup!

*slips on the shades to tone down the dilated pupils* (hush now) *grins*

/makes a note

“Must do something nice for Ms. Benelli.”

Let me tell you about Cutea Benelli. When I seriously needed to upgrade my Wastelands look I turned to her and her Grim Bros store. She failed me not. Were it not for her profoundly useful and well stocked series of backpacks my stylish sun bleached bones would likely be decorating a number of Wasteland shelters and encampments to this very day. But that’s another story.

Today’s story is about how her recent release, a glowing cyber-punk ensemble named The Information Overload suit gave me a perfect excuse to revisit Artemis Fate’s Black Sun nightclub in Nexus Prime and pose for some pictures.

There are two items that came with the suit that I have omitted, a very detailed helmet, with a data projection screen across the face, and a glowing data belt. The outfit also comes with a jet black catsuit, but I have substituted a black latex undersuit by A2NZ with a spider oversuit by Phobos. (Also shown is The Companion Drone by Groll Greggan)

One of the more spectacular elements of the outfit is the glowing spiked shoulderplate on the left shoulder, nicely balanced on the right shoulder by a black fur half-stole (also spiked). What these pics do not show, is the streaming data effect. The glowing textures cycle across the faces of the prims. This is not an outfit for the shy or retiring.

Other elements in the outfit include a data plate for the left forearm,

data bra, data cape (flexi), thigh and forearm bracers, and data boots.

In today’s frenetic Metaverse, we can all use some help in dealing with the InfoTsunami we swim in.

The Information Overload suit helps a girl look fully plugged into the Data Ocean while

juggling forums, blogs, Flickr, and Second Life.

Details after the cut

(Originally published at, July 12th, 2008)