7:40 pm, January 15, 2006, Ahern

I’m in…

My God…it’s full of n00bs…


I’ve come a ways since then.

Three people and a forum transformed my Second Life.

Slade Onizuka, who made The Hybrid Angel Av

Mourna Biziou, who made strangepixels.net

Juana Manuel, who also made the journey

Second Citizen (The first iteration. It was a moment.)




…snuck in under the wire for 2010!

I joined SL at the tail end of 2004 but paid the camera little mind until my second coming in 2009.  Grady & Strange Pixels has been a tremendous inspiration.  Credit goes to Laurynce for getting me interested in SL photography this go around.  Thanks for the LM’s, son, keep ’em coming.



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