Strange Citizen ~ Cutea Benelli

The first time I ran into Cutea Benelli she was providing some customer support to a distraught panda bear in her Grim Bros. store.

All in a day’s work  for one of The Wastelands premier outfitters of Post-Apoc clothing, backpacks,

and the general necessities of survival in the land of mutant zombies with ‘tude.

(Although I do think that incident did colour her design choices when it came time to make a new Grim Bros. outfit.) 🙂

snapshot_006-copy2Cutea is modelling her “Convincing Argument” outfit,

which translates as “There is NO such thing as Too Heavily Armed!”

When a gal has a killer sense of humour she needs a killer outfit!

snapshot_001-copy3If naked tooth and claw competition for survival in the burning wastes isn’t your thing though,

Cutea also makes a wide range of outfits and accessories in other genres

including Retro-Victoriana and CyberPunk (as blogged here at SP a few months ago. Cyber-Glam)

Details below the line in the sand

Cutea is wearing ~

Hair ~ “Getrude” ~ [Curio]
Boots ~ “Post Apoc” ~ Gutterblood Spoonhammer
Outfit (incl. Hat) ~ “Convincing Argument” ~ Grim Bros.
Tank Top ~ “Grampa darkage tank long” ~ Grim Bros.

Location ~ The Wastelands

(Originally posted at, November 20th, 2008)

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